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All our dogs and litters are fed a Raw Meat Diet or
SARF - “Species Appropriate Raw Food” or “Whole Prey Diet”

Dogs may be able to survive on kibble dog food but they do not thrive.

Dogs are carnivores, they were never meant to eat the average 70% carbs that
come from different grain types that fill most kibble dog foods.
A natural carnivore diet contains 1 - 2% carbs.
 Unlike humans, dogs have no fundamental requirement for carbohydrates.
Their major energy source comes from free fatty acids derived from meat fat.
This fat is stored in muscle tissue, their metabolism can only store very small
amounts of glycogen from carbs. Excessive carbs from grain are the major
cause of the diabetic epidemic in the dog population today.

This is an excellent article on why a dog’s system does not
require carbs - Myth’s About Raw Feeding - Carbohydrates

Nor are they meant to eat their protein sources cooked.
This dramatically changes the make-up.
What Happens When Cooking Dog Food

Raw meat diets are NOT, “high” in protein as many people are inclined to think.
A SARF diet is approx. 16% - 20% protein.

 (This being the protein percentage of most meats.
The remainder is 75% - 80% water, and approximately 5% combined
fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.)

Many kibble dog foods contain protein levels of 22% - 26% .
Many puppy foods contain protein near the 30% mark.
This is too much protein for a growing pup!

Canines have a DNA that directly link them to the wolf.
Wolves and wild dogs do not eat corn or rice....they eat raw meat!!!
Would you feed a horse steak? Of course not!
Then why are we feeding our dogs like they are grain eating animals?

Over the past 50 - 70 years (depending on the country) that kibble feed has become commonplace, many ailments have surfaced in the canine population - including:
 - skin allerigies
- diabetes
- cancer
- weakened immune systems
- gum disease and tooth decay
 - hyper activity
- “dog” smell
- phobic problems
- weight problems
- ear and eye ailments
- allergies to cooked protein sources or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Most of this can be reversed by switching your dog to a Raw Meat and Bone Diet.

There are many many sites where you can find more information on feeding your dogs raw.
Here are some that I found very informative and helpful -

Raw Meaty Bones
This website is full of great information and you can either
buy the hard copy book “Raw Meaty Bones” Promote Health”
by :Dr Tom Lonsdale's or download it as an E-book for $9.50

The Wolf’s Natural Diet - A Feeding Guide For Your Dog
This is an E-book that is well worth the $11.88 to download.

Myths About Raw Feeding

Give Your Dog A Bone
Book by Ian Billinghurst

Get The Facts - “What’s Really In Pet Food”
Excellent article regarding kibble dog food.

Pictured Below -
What We Feed Our Dogs And An Idea On The Pricing

**Note** - The canine stomach differs from a human’s, in that it is
like an accordion and folds into itself when empty and expands when full.
It’s better to feed a dog one larger meal a day, rather then two smaller meals,
as the more extended their stomach becomes the more efficiently it works
and the more nutrients can be drawn from the food.


Turkey Necks

Turkey Necks
$1.20/lb - the dogs love the good chew -
lots of great meat and bone, keeps their teeth real clean!
I get this from Raw4Dogs  - pick-up in LeFroy (Innisfil) or Barrie.




Chicken Backs
The leftover carcass of the chicken after the meat
has been stripped for human consumption - .25 cents/lb
a great source of edible bone - approx 50% meat/50% bone.
This is from Chicken On The Run in Barrie.
$12.00/per case.




Protein Mix
Beef organs, fish, chicken and eggs -
bulk price $1.25/lb
I get this from K9Raw - they do a monthly delivery to Barrie.


Tripe And Organ

Tripe and Offal Mix -
Kidney, Liver, Heart, Intestine and Stomach

The dogs are fed this approx 3 times week.
Tripe is the perfect ratio of phosphorus and calcium
I get this from Rob Vandenberg near Cookstown 705-458-8278
Comes in a 50 lb. box cut into 32 blocks.




The perfect protein! I mix an egg in with their food
2 - 3 times a week.



Ground Beef

Ground Beef
This is sold as dog food only (not for human consumption)
It’s a course grind which I like better for the dogs then
what you can buy at the grocery store.
I get this from Raw4Dogs  - pick-up in LeFroy (Innisfil) or Barrie -
A great price at $1.00/lb for bulk orders!!
Comes in 5 lb. bags.


Ground Whole Salmon

Ground Whole Salmon
Great stuff, I love that it’s the whole fish, - head, bones - etc.
And lots of great fish oil in it!
I get this from Raw4Dogs  - pick-up in LeFroy (Innisfil) or Barrie -
A great price at $1.50/lb for bulk orders!!
Comes cut into 5 lb. blocks.


Whole Chicken



Whole Chicken
These 2 - 3 lb fryers make a quick and easy meal
for the dogs at .99 cents/lb when they are on sale.





Raw Bones
I get these from the meat packages, for approx .30 cents/lb
They are full of marrow, meat, fat and bone that leaves
the dogs with the FULL stomach!!
They get one or two of these a week.



Ground Chicken Backs
At .70 cents/lb I get this for a great price.
I’ve seen it sell for as high as $1.50/lb. though
I mostly the feed the dogs whole chicken backs, but will
sometimes use this for young pups who can’t chew through bone yet.
This comes from King Capon near Newmarket




From Universal Games Farms in Coldwater.
Their Elk is organically raise and great to feed the dogs.
$2.50/lb buying in bulk. I can only get it occasionally.
They also have Oxtail.




Great wild game, couldn’t ask for anything
better for the dogs!! This comes from friends
who hunt and give us the leftovers from the year before.



Moose Tongue

Moose Tongue
Hard to cut up but a good chew for the dogs.

Venison, Moose and Elk are very low in fat content, you will need to add another source of fat to your dog’s diet if feeding large amounts of wild game meats. Chicken fat is great for this purpose.
Remember protein is not stored, your dog will need meat fat for this purpose.

Deer Feed. Small

Deer Meat

Deer Meat
The dogs found a dead deer in the woods (had been hit by a car)
I let them eat as much as they could before the coyotes got to it
and cut up some to bring home.
I love finding free wild meat!!!!

If you feel the need to add a supplement, any type of Green
powder is great a couple of times a week.

Visit our YouTube channel for videos of the
dogs and litters of pups eating raw.



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