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All our pups are sent to their new homes vaccine-free.

“If you imprint the immune system incorrectly, it will never work correctly again.”
Ronald D. Schultz.

During the first 36 hours after whelping, the dam’s milk contains high levels of antibodies. Antibody-rich first milk is called colostrum. The “passive transfer” of antibodies from dam to pup will provide protection for the first
8 –16 weeks of the pup’s life. Maternal antibody levels in pups reach 60–97% of their mother’s protective level.

The best and most natural protection for your pup through-out it’s lifetime is a healthy strong immune system. Our pups are given the healthiest start in life by being fed a Species Appropriate Raw Meat and Bone Diet and being allowed to nurse from their dam until usually right up to 8 weeks old when they leave.

From 4 weeks of age to the time they leave us, we have already been taking steps to boast your pups immune system the way nature intended, by “gently” exposing them to germs from an early age while they still have their dam’s antibodies to protect them. This is the way that nature works without interference……it helps them to develop their own natural immunity through mild exposure.
Natural exposure produces the strongest and safest immunity response.

Parvo is the most common canine virus found.
A healthy immune system can contract the virus but never end up with the actual disease because the body has taken care of it on it's own and created a natural immunity.
Most dogs that are not vaccinated have acquired a natural immunity to parvo by the time they are 8 - 12 months old, as proven through a titers test.
It's kind of like a flu virus going around with people, not everyone who comes into contact with it will get sick, their immune system was strong enough to take care of it, but if they were tired, not eating well and/or stressed they may get it.)

Most people have heard of a pup coming down with parvo weeks after getting their first set of shots.
Because when the first shot was given the pup still had maternal antibodies left to fight it off. When those maternal antibodies did wane 1 - 2 weeks later they were left with a weakened immune system because they had just fought off the virus given in the first shot, now they are left open to viruses. When they do encounter parvo for the first time they can't fight it by themselves and become sick.
If they had never gotten that first unnecessary shot in the first place, they more then likely would have been able to handle the exposure to the real virus when it came without any signs of sickness and the owner ever knowing or had very slight symptoms for only a day.

The body's immune system is a marvelous thing, if we can only trust to let it work the way it was designed to.

I would stress that an owner educate themselves beforehand on vaccine (and food) issues. Our dogs can not make choices for themselves so it’s up to us to be informed on all aspects and decide for them in their best interests.

We recommend a book by Catherine O’Driscoll – “Shock To The System” 

Catherine is the founder of “Canine Health Concern”.
This website offers an excellent insight into vaccine issues.

WSAVA - World Small Animal Veterinary Assoc
Response of Puppies to Vaccination with Canine Distemper and Canine Parvovirus
Article by: Trevor Waner, BVSc, PhD, Dipl ECLAM

Canine Vaccination Protocols
Article by :Richard B. Ford, DVM, MS, Dipl ACVIM
Professor of Medicine, North Carolina State University

See E-Books and PDF Files for more downloadable info.


The Rabies vaccine is a “killed vaccine” and has been shown to last from 7 years to life. (Titer test proven)
There is currently a publicly funded study which has just gotten underway that will look at testing the rabies vaccine 7 years after the initial shot with a “challenge”. (the subject will be injected with the rabies virus as
opposed to taking results from a titers test.)
More info can be found at -
Rabies Challenge Fund
Cat’s Cradle Catahoulas has donated to this worthy study.


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