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Catahoulas make a wonderful companion and family  the right home, country or city, as long as the owner's lifestyle is compatible  with a Catahoula's energy and temperament needs.....

"Looking for an owner who enjoys long walks in the woods....who loves  the smell of the dead things I roll in....who thinks barking at treed  squirrels is an enjoyable pass time." And just as important, the  owner's personality matches that of their dog's.

People often choose a breed of dog much like own a Catahoula  you need to be more strong-willed, intelligent and confident then they  are.

However a Catahoula should never be bred as "just a pet". A  Catahoula is a working dog… is who and what they are and have always been and the way they need to be bred. A Catahoula that is not bred with the working ability of the breed in mind, is not a true representation of the breed. It is this working ability that give these dogs their personality....determination, drive, intelligence..... it's apart of whom thedog is....a part of the dog's natural make-up….these  traits come directly from the breeds inherited desire to work. If you separate one thing from the other you don't really have a Catahoula, just  a look alike.

So many times I hear new owners say, "I am only looking for a pet,  so it doesn't matter if the breeder is not breeding for working ability."  But it does matter! Those who love and are committed to the breed, have a responsibility to support and safeguard the unique working heritage of the dogs and their ancestors. Breeding or buying "just a pet"  will not do that.

Companion or Working Dog????

The Catahoula excels at being both. Owners who utilize their dogs for  both family and working dogs, value this as the finest quality of the breed…that they can be both at any and all times.

Pictured below is "Cats Cradle's Wrangler" - (Kings Ridge's  Jagger x Aden's Miss Mattie)

Wrangler lives in Saskatewan, Canada. She is an excellent example of what a Catahoula is and can be….a wonderful companion…..a protector of her family…..and a working dog.


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