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Testimonials from our pup owners on their experiences feeding the raw diet.


We are proud owner's of Cat's Cradle's Karma. We decided to feed the Raw diet to our dog because when we were researching healthy food products, we were unhappy with the manufactured options. Raw seemed to be the most positive and healthy option. We looked into it further and found that the raw meat had many benefits for everything you want in a healthy dog, such as coat, growth, bones, and digestion. Seeing how passionate others were about how raw is the only good option was very inspiring. We talked to our breeder as well as suppliers and other professionals to get a better feel how raw was more beneficial over processed foods. We took their feedback to make a decision for ourselves, for the health of the dog, and there didn't seem to be any negatives to the Raw diet. We knew that we wanted to find the healthiest choice before we got a dog, and this really seemed to be the answer. When researching we obviously saw all the benefits for the dog and the cost is not much higher than a high organic grade kibble. We think that most people don't really look at how bad kibble can be and see it as an easy way out, but truthfully feeding raw is just as easy. Yes, you may need to make more room in the freezer, but knowing what to buy and portions comes easy after only a few meals. Our dog Karma loves the Raw diet and gobbles up everything. We even have gone to exotic meat to give her a treat! It was so easy to raise her on raw and we have had no difficulties in health problems! We truly believe this will keep her healthy and happy for a long life ahead.

Zac McDougall & Tiffany Kerr



We had not really heard much about the SARF diet for dogs until we had met Mary and got our puppy, Emmitt from her.  Mary is a great source of knowledge for any questions or concerns you might have about the SARF diet and sent us some great information and resources.  We researched the diet and it all made a lot of sense.  Since Emmitt was already on the diet and doing amazingly well on it,  we wanted to keep him on it.  Our only concern was our other dog Lucy.  She is ten years old and had been fed kibble all her life.........althought she also enjoyed some cooked meat and rice that we gave her that was left over from our dinners!!!!  She was never very fussy on the kibble even though the kibble we bought her was all very high-end kibble.........she loved our food but could leave her kibble.  Well, we decided that we wanted to give her a try on the raw food and it was the best thing that we could have done for her.  She took to it almost immediately.  She thought it was a little strange at first but honestly, we never saw her eat kibble with such enthusiasm!!!  We also noticed that she lost a bit of weight (which she needed to lose!!), her coat became shiny, she gained muscle mass, her teeth became noticeably whiter and her energy levels increased!!!  We can honestly say that switching to the SARF diet has added years to Lucy's life.  People are amazed when we tell them that she is 10 years old......most people think that she is 4 years old at the most.  We are very happy with feeding our pups raw food and if they could talk, they would probably agree!!!  They are healthy, energetic and happy.  We thank Mary for all the support and information she gave us for transitioning Lucy and maintaining both pups onto the raw food diet. 

Kathy Korimsek & DJ Burshaw


The raw diet is not new to us. We own and breed
Belgian Shepherds in France and would never consider feeding our dogs any other way. So when we began our search for a Catahoula imagine how pleased we were to find Mary raising her pups just the way we would!
Thanks to Mary for the healthly, raw fed, vaccine free pup that is now part of our family.

Augustin Marcotte



Our Catahoula, Blaze, suffered most of her life with skin allergies and ear infections. She died of kidney failure at only 7 years old. Our vet could never really give us a reason for our girl’s problems and our loss, but we were sure after research of our own, that it was because of the food we had been feeding her - too many additives, chemicals and stuff that I can’t even pronounce in it.
My wife and I looked more and more into the raw diet and were positive that any dog of ours would never eat kibble again! I had seen Cat’s Cradle’s website the year before while I was surfing the net and went out to find them again. Now we have Cats Cradle’s Dallas our first raw fed pup. I used to look forward to my weekly issue of Time magazine coming in, but now I look first for the grocery sales to come in to see who has ground beef or chicken thighs on sale. HAHA And Dallas loves it!! No more watching a dog pick away at kibble in it’s bowl, he “wolves” it down just like his ancestors did. We will never look back now and know we are doing the best for his future.

Dean & Joanne Arnold


Right from the first time I had heard of raw diets for dogs it made perfect sense. Our Catahoula,
Lucy was still very young when we switched over to raw food, so she's pretty much had the
benefit of raw food for her whole life. Our Yellow Lab was around 5 when we switched over.
Before the raw diet, she had very bad nails. They were very brittle and breaking off. Within a few months of starting the raw diet, her nails were pretty much restored to normal nails. We also
add 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of kelp totheir food per day, as a supplement for iron, iodine, potassium,
and trace minerals.
And Brego, our youngest Catahoula, has been fed raw since day 1, so he's never had the kibble experience. He thinks mealtime is always supposed to taste that good!

Dan Johnston


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