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NALC Registered Breeder Since 1996

Specializing In Natural Bobtails and Natural Rearing




We are a small breeder located in Central Ontario, Canada.

Our dogs live in our home as family members, not in kennels, so we limit the number of dogs that we do have and limit litters available. Whether your needs are for a companion or a working/hunting dog, our pups are placed in homes under the premise that they are family members first and secondly used for whatever job or activity that the owner requires. Catahoulas are very family/owner orientated dogs, extremely dedicated to their people, therefore we do not sell our pups to larger breeders where they would live their life in a kennel and be a “breeding” dog only. Any breeding dogs that we have placed you will find with smaller/family type breeders.

For optimal health and the maintenance of a strong immune system, all of our dogs are fed a “SARF” - raw meat diet and are on a minimal vaccine schedule or are vaccine free.

Pups are started on our Puppy Vaccine Protocol.

We are a “Natural Rearing Breeder” - litters of pups are raised on a natural diet from their first meal and we are hoping that this will continue through their lifetime at their new homes. We also advocate a minimal vaccine schedule or a vaccine free practice for all pups throughout their lives. Dams are allowed to raise and wean their young on their own schedule, without the intervention of removing pups from their mother’s care to "artificially wean" them. Pups are kept with their mother to learn the all important disciplinary lessons taught by the dam to her young. It is part of a natural method of learning canine/pack social skills and is extremely important in the formation of a stable temperament.

We specialize in breeding natural bobtails. You will find lots of information on this trait in our Bobtail section. We have also founded The Bobtail Catahoula Assoc. in support of this genetic

We are firm believer that canine hip dysplasia is a direct result of poor nutrition and inappropriate exercise, rather then genetic. We do however believe that it is still important to hip test breeding dogs to ensure that they are free from HD. Our “Hip Testing” section has more info on our tested dogs and sample x-rays.

We assure that our dogs have a natural ground trailing/tracking and winding ability on a scent. They are allowed to develop this instinct naturally, in the woods, starting from a very young age. It’s one thing to put a dog in a pen with a hog for baying or to hoist a caged coon into a tree for treeing, but if the dog can not first FIND their quarry then they can not bay or tree it.
We do concentrate on the treeing quality of the breed; our foundation female, Wolf River’s Gypsy, gave her whole heart and soul to treeing, something that we have worked to preserve in our breeding program. Our dogs also have a chance to work/bay cattle occasionally.

Temperament of a breeding dog is of great importance to us. Because they are a working
breed, there can be a tendency to overlook a temperament that is overly aggressive, hyper,
high-powered or hard headed, believing that this is what it takes to have a hard working drive. We believe that a dog does NOT need to have this type of temperament. A Catahoula can be laid back and still possess a hard hitting working and hunting drive. They should have a sound and stable personality and possess the desire to please their owner. These traits are not learned, they are bred into a dog from parents and grandparents...etc. After-all, what good is all the drive in the world, if it can not be controlled and the dog can not live amicably with the rest of it’s family and society?

We prefer darker colored dogs with little or no white markings. Most of our litters are dark blue/black leopards, red leopards, solid blacks and reds and yellow or black brindles. We do not produce pups with much white or patchwork markings and pups are not priced on their coat or eye coloring....a solid colored Catahoula is no less valuable then their leopard colored littermate. And because of the many problems that can arise with excessive white pups from merle x merle breedings, most of our litters are planned with one solid colored parent, thus eliminating the chance of white pups altogether. Over the past 15 years we have produced only 3 excessive white pups, all of whom were deaf. We feel that this is easily avoided by using one solid colored parent whenever possible.

As a responsible breeder we are honored to be able to add to the betterment of the breed and to ensure that the life of the dogs we own and the pups we produce are filled with family, love and the chance to enjoy what a Catahoula is bred for, whether that entails coon or squirrel hunting, working cattle or exploring the woods and fields in the company of their owner.

We take all the steps necessary to ensure that we are offering the very best pups possible, in terms of health and temperament. In return we only place our puppies in the best and most suitable homes, for your happiness and theirs. We like to keep in touch with owners as to the progress of the dog and ask to be notified if you ever feel that the dog has to be placed in another home, as we would prefer that the dog was returned to us.

Mary with Rose and Annie

Here I am with Annie and one of her daughter’s Cats Cradle’s Chantilly Rose


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