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Toad - Sept, 6, 1998 - Jan, 20, 2013

Toad 14

Toad on his 14th birthday


Toad was one of 14 pups in his litter. We had never intended on keeping a pup from this litter, we already had 3 Catahoulas and 4 dogs of other breeds. Then came the day when the pups were 3 ˝ weeks old and toddling around outside their whelping pen for the first time and Conrad came down to see them. This tiny yellow spotted bobtail puppy wobbled over to him and would not leave him alone. For some reason this little pup attached himself to Conrad within minutes. That was all it took, Conrad’s heart melted and he decided that we were keeping him.

We had to come up with a name for this fellow. I had taken out a nature book that listed the names of wild flowers, trees, etc. No one could agree on a name so the kids and I started calling out silly names and laughing over them. Then I read out the name “Toadstool”.
Conrad said “That’s it!!”
I said, ‘What’s it?”
“TOAD” he said.
“NO way!! We are not naming him Toad” I replied!
The rest is history, Conrad and the kids started calling him Toad and he started coming to the name no matter how hard I tried to change it. I hated the name!! But after a while that’s just who has was – “Toad’, “Toadie” “Yellow Dog”.

Toad’s motto as he grew older and more confident was, “Act first, ask questions later.” A real tough dog who never hesitated or backed down from anything – you really had to admire his determination and grit, you definitely felt safe when he was around. Although many times over his life it got him into trouble. Like when he got into a fight with a bobcat and lost. He had his hip dislocated and when it wouldn’t stay in place he had to have the femoral head removed. It never slowed him down though, you’d never even know it.
Then there was the time all the dogs came upon the beaver while it was in a very shallow pool of water, Toad got a hold of it and had the top of his head cut open for his troubles – beavers have real big, sharp teeth, not that he cared!

There was the time back at the pond when he jumped in after the beaver and landed right on a chewed off sapling with a razor sharp tip. It impaled him on the inside of his back leg and there he was stuck on it screaming in pain.

So you can see the trend here - Toad definitely had his share of vet visits for stitches and lots of scars to show for his troubles. Not to mention the numerous times he got into a porcupine until he finally learned to leave them alone but that took to when he was about 8 year old.

Toad lived a great Catahoula life - full of adventure, treeing, chasing critters, hunting frogs and knowing he was loved by his family every day. A dog could not ask for more and we could not have asked for more in a dog. He was well loved and lived well. We will miss him; he will always be in our hearts.

Toad Stain Glass fb

Some dear friends had this stained glass picture done in Toad’s memory.
His blue eye now shines at us from the front window.


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