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Our older dogs have been raised on a “Minimal Vaccination” schedule.
We have made the switch in recent years to “Vaccine Free”


Minimal Vaccination

Core Shots Only -
Given once at an age when maternal antibodies have waned.
A titers blood test done 3 weeks later to access if the dog has
antibodies to the agents given.
Another titers test at 2 years old. If any titers show at all,
then the dog is considered immune for life.
No further vaccines or titers testing required.

First rabies shot given after 9 months of age.
We will only use the
IMRAB® 3 TF shot
It is free from thimersol - which is 49% mercury.

Over-vaccinating can cause many health problems for animals,
mainly associated with the immune system being compromised.
Autoimmune diseases such as lupus, red cell aplasia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia
cardiomyopathies; neoplasias such as fibrosarcomas, mast cell tumors,
thyroid tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, eczematous ears,
dermatological conditions, warts, lipomas, poor hair coats, stomatitis,
periodontal disease, thyroid disease, and the list goes on.

This is a list of possible damaging effects of specific vaccines:

From distemper vaccines is often seen:

Watery fluid dripping from the nose
Conjunctivitis, eye discharge
Chronic gastritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, appetite disorders
Recurrent diarrhea
Sensitivity to food with resultant diarrhea
Epilepsy, rear leg paralysis, spondylitis
Lip fold dermatitis
Excessive licking of feet, eruptions between the toes, allergies
Kennel cough, chronic bronchitis
Chronic skin eruptions, especially lower half of body
Failure to thrive, abnormally thin

From rabies vaccine is often seen:

Restless nature, suspicion of others, aggression to animals and people
Changes in behavior: aloofness, unaffectionate, desire to roam,
 OR clingy, separation anxiety, velcro dog.
Restraining can lead to violent behavior and self-injury
Self-mutilation, tail chewing
Voice changes, hoarseness, excessive barking
Chronic poor appetite, very finicky
Paralysis of throat or tongue, sloppy eaters, drooling
Dry eye, loss of sight, cataract
Eating wood, stones, earth, stool
Destructive behavior, shredding bedding
Seizures, epilepsy, twitching
Increased sexual desire, sexual aggression
Irregular pulse, heart failure
Reverse sneezing
Kidney damage


“WSAVA” - World Small Animal Veterinary Association
has developed guidelines for the vaccination of dogs and cats to assist veterinarians
throughout the world in developing vaccination strategies based on disease incidence
and sound immunological principles.
The WSAVA Vaccination Guideline Group (VGG)
can be viewed and downloaded by PDF file by clikcing here.

“Canine Health Concern” has one of the most detailed websites
dealing with issues regarding over-vaccination.
This particular page from the site -
Vaccines - Are They Safe For Your Dog?
is the best place to start if you want an overview.

They were formed in 1994 and in 1998 their work became the subject of a
prime-time TV documentary,
'World in Action', which has been networked around the world.

 At Cat’s Cradle Catahoulas we are promoting a
minimal vaccine” schedule or “vaccine free” for all pups that we sell.
One set of properly timed shots (Parvo & Distemper as the main “core” vaccines)
are good for life - see following:


The American Veterinary Medical Assoc (AVMA) Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents (COBTA) stated on July, 2000 137th Annual AVMA Convention these findings on vaccine protocols

  • When an annual booster vaccination with a modified live virus vaccine (i.e. Distemper or Parvovirus )
    is given to a previously vaccinated adult animal - no added protection is provided. Modified live virus vaccines depend on the replication of the virus for a response. Antibodies from previous vaccines do not allow the new virus to replicate. Antibody titers are not boosted significantly, memory cell populations are not expanded. No additional protection is provided.
  • Vaccine Manufacturers label claims should be backed by scientific data. There is no scientific data to
    support label directions for re-administration of MLV vaccines annually.
  • Vaccines are not harmless. Unnecessary side effects and adverse events can be minimized by avoiding unnecessary vaccinations.

    For more information on this and other canine health related subjects -

    “The Nature of Animal Healing “ By: Dr. Martin Goldstein
    will give great understanding into how the feeding of kibble dog food and
    over-vaccinating our dogs are adversely effecting their health and lives.

    “Shock To The System” By : Catherine O’Driscoll

    Is a must read book for those wishing to learn more about vaccination issues and
    how they effect the health and lives of our pets.



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