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Any vaccine needs to be grown on a protein source. Canine vaccines use canine and beef tissue
mostly, therefore different proteins then your dog's own tissue.

When you inject foreign proteins into the body, they will end up migrating via the bloodstream into
organs, muscles and joints. This is why vaccine-strain measles have been found in the digestive
tracts of humans, distemper in canine joints and nervous system tissue, and parvo in heart muscle.

More unfortunately viral cells (which are a foreign protein in themselves) go right along with the
foreign proteins from the growth medium of the vaccines and end up distributed throughout the body.
Toxins in vaccines also follow the same pattern -like aluminum and thiomersal (containing 49% mercury)
to name a couple - the list is very long

Ideally, the foreign protein is destroyed and the toxins are purged, and both are handled as waste
by the body. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily what always happens, particularly in older animals
with years of toxins behind them, as their systems no longer function optimally. Those proteins and
toxins end take up residence in whatever tissues of the body they end upin and cause low grade
inflammation that often goes unnoticed.

This is what triggers things like arthritis, many autoimmune diseases, allergies andorgan damage -
why so many dogs have kidney damage. The body tries to get rid of those foreign things, and
in the process the body ends up turning on the tissue the foreign proteins have bonded themselves
to. It's trying to destroy the foreign proteins and toxins that are now part of those tissues.
Sometimes it succeeds but leaves the tissue weakened. Other times, it results in autoimmune
disease, where eventually the body becomes programmed to "think" that the body's own tissues
aren't its own. Other times those proteins find their way into areas where they can get an even
stronger foothold and create chronic inflammation that lead to arthritis.

The medical industry knows that you can't put foreign proteins into the body without dangerous
consequences. If they transplant organs, the patient must be on anti-rejection medication for the
rest of their lives. Otherwise, their body recognizes that new heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc as
the foreign tissue that it is and attacks it.

What happens when an animal or human is given any type of foreign proteins via vaccines is the
same, only that protein is not just one organ and in one place, but it travels anywhere and every-
where in the body.

The immune system is VERY complex and this is a very basic description of how vaccines,
especially given year after year, can damage your dog’s body and immune system.

“Natural Immunity” - By Pat McKay is an excellent downloadable PDF file e-book,
that goes into great detail regarding vaccines and natural immunity.


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