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NALC Registered Breeder Since 1996

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GRCH Cats Cradle’s Beaufort, CGC, TDI, BPGM

Ch. South Slough’s Bull x Ch. Cats Cradle’s Annie

UKC Grand Champion
Owner - Amanda Tikkanen

  Beau is the first UKC BOBTAIL Catahoula Grand Champion!!!


The UKC first recognized the Catahoula in January of 1995 and adopted the NALC standard which lists a natural bobtail as a “serious fault”. When the UKC started their “Cur & Feist” program in 2001 they updated and expanded upon most of these breed standards, including the Catahoulas. The bobtail trait in the Catahoula was revised to a “fault”.
(As of Jan, 1, 2008 the natural bobtail trait will no longer be faulted by the UKC.)

Amanda has done a fabulous job and lots of work achieving Beau’s Grand Championship title,
seeing as how every time she walks into a show ring, Beau has a very obvious fault....a 2” bobtail!!

It’s with great appreciation that we say thanks very much to Amanda for her persistence in showing that a short tail does not affect the strength, movement or over-all structure and ability of the breed.
A good dog is a good dog no matter the length of it’s tail.

 For more on Beau and tons of great hiking info see Amanda’s site - UberPest’s Journal

Beau has to his credit three Best In Shows
More on his accomplishments

June, 14, 2003 - Beau wins “Reserve Champion”at the UKC Michigan Classic in Kalamazoo -
in a ring of 5 champion Catahoulas (yes, the other 4 all had regular tails!!)

May, 1, 2004 - Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

October 2, 2004 - UKC-CATS in Bellevue, MI. - Best In Show

August, 14, 2004 - Beau Wins Best In Show at the Trail Creek Dog Training Club Show

April, 30, 2005 - Therapy Dog International (TDI)

April, 1, 2006 - Wet Dog Pack Back Grand Master (BPGM)IMG00049

April, 9 2006 - UKC C.A.T.S. Show in IN. - Best In Show

June, 18, 2006 - UKC Premier - Champion Of Champion twice,
Best Of Breed and a Group 2 (12 Breeds represented)

Nov, 19, 2006 - UKC Maple Leaf Kennel Club,
Champion of Champions and Best Of Breed
(This show was in Brampton, Ontario. Amanda and Beau came back to the
great white north for a wonderful visit. It was great to see Beau in person and to have
another bobtail Catahoula, Turtle, entered in the same show.)

On July, 28, 2007 Beau earned his 5th Championship win to earn his
Grand Champion title.

Beau was ranked the #2 Catahoula in the UKC’s Top Ten for the year of 2006.


Beau, packed for his hike along the Manistee River Trail,

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