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Jagger died unexpectedly in the early morning of August, 24, 2007 still in the prime of his life and living it to the fullest at 10 years old. We are very honored to have been able to have him in our lives and love him....he will always be with us and live on in his progeny.
The following is a favorite memory of Jagger.


A Life Well Lived

Winter, 2005….it had been in the -20s for days and the dogs were going a little stir crazy. I decided to take them out into the woods for a very quick walk. Jagger and Annie went out first. The weather had warmed for a couple of days the week before and freezing rain had fallen over the 3 feet of snow that was on the ground so my snowshoe trail was firm and hard. I could walk on it with just my boots. I could see that Annie’s feet were already bothering her from the cold after only a few minutes out, so I turned to head back, but Jagger was no where in sight. I called for him and waited for a couple of minutes but Annie wanted to go home and I could not walk off the trail with only boots so I headed home with Annie.

I grabbed my snowshoes and went back to find Jagger, grumbling to Conrad about his stupid dog. I found his trail in the snow quickly, but snowshoeing through the snow that kept breaking through the crust of ice was hard. Then I heard his barking, it sounded a long way off. It was going to take me a bit to get to him. As I walked a bit further I realized his barking was not coming from far off, but that he was inside or under something. I came to where he was within minutes. He was under an area where some cedars had fallen over, taking roots and other trees down with them. Covered with 3 feet of snow and a layer of ice it was a large area of about 25’feet round. He was under there somewhere. He wouldn’t come out when I called him. I knew he would come for Conrad so I went back home to get him to come and get his dog to listen! The whole time I am worried because it is SO cold.

Conrad brought a shovel with him and I carried a pick just in case we needed to dig him out. Conrad called but Jagger would not come. We thought maybe he was stuck, it’s not too often that he does not listen to Conrad. We could see where he had gone under but his barking was coming from the other end. Conrad started to dig through the snow closest to where we could hear him. It seemed to take forever to open up a small hole through all the snow, ice and branches. My feet were frozen and aching, I was so worried about how Jagger was doing, now out in that cold for over an hour.

When the hole was large enough, Conrad reached in and grabbed Jagger and hauled him out. As soon as he let him go, Jagger went right back in again and came out with his prize……a coon. Seems that Jagger did not need us to rescue him, he was only having a bit of fun with a family of coon in their winter den. And seems like I did not need to worry about him getting frostbite either . When he emerged he was toasty warm, with the steam rising off him when he hit the frigid air.

That’s when Conrad called him by his favorite term of endearment, saved for just such occasions - 

“You black, wall-eyed, half-witted, flee-bag mutt!”.

Jagger loved these words, only his dad called him that and it usually meant he had done something special. In his usual manner he started barking back at Conrad…”I love you too dad.”

A true Catahoula coon dog through and through.

We miss you every day Jagger, you were one hell of a best friend.

Some of Conrad’s Favorite Pictures with Jagger

Conrad and Jagger1



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